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Lara Smith is the managing director at Core Consultants operating in South Africa. As Managing Director Lara is responsible for the successful completion of a number of projects including authoring the Metal Bulletin Coking Coal and Lithium Studies for number of African based mining companies.

This year Core Consultants is very excited to be launching their inaugural lithium conference in Vancouver this November, 2012 as well as a number of new research products including the rare earth monthly report, the iron ore monthly report and the Sino-African report.

At the helm of her career Lara started as an analyst in an asset management firm and was then head hunted to be the lead analyst for company that bought, operated and sold mines in Africa and the Baltic regions. Shortly thereafter Lara started her business, with the first client being Metal Bulletin Research. She was commissioned to author a 180 paged in-depth lithium study which was sold and became recognized as the leading reference for the lithium market and as such Lara was contacted for inquiries for consultancy work. She went on to write two other books including "An Outlook for Coking Coal to 2020," which was published in 2010 and a follow-up to the lithium report, published in May 2011. All these books were best sellers and landed Lara in the work for mining analysis and economics.

Her proudest moment has been taking the challenge of quitting her job and forming a company. Winning her first tender she recalls "felt amazing" but each time she got a new client or completed a new piece of consultancy work she felt the same feeling of pride. She accounts for her success as the result of being honest in her dealings with people and remaining open to new ideas and possibilities, with a willingness to work hard and having faith that things will work out as she continues to challenge herself and her staff.

In her free time Lara enjoys swimming and walking.



Core Consultants is a leading consultancy practice which offers a broad spectrum of services exclusively to the mining induatry. These services include:

  •     Corporate Cultural Consulting- negotiations with local communities, confronting corporate cultural disparities and more...
  •     Due Dilligence and Economic Consulting- (inlcuding feasibility studies, pre-feasibility studies, market entry studies,
  •     Modelling- Customised excel solutions for clients as well as model reviews
  •     Research- Bespoke research as well as subscriptions including ferrochrome quarterly report and rare earth monthly  publication.
  •     Satisfaction Surveys-
  •     Training- computer and financial literacy for mineworkers



Economic and mining analysis, running daily operations and management, dealing with clients, consulting services, networking, monthly reports

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